Simply walk by to trigger your lights. That is so 20th century. When connected to the Zigbee binding, the LED flashes every time when motion is detected. Successfully merging a pull request may close this issue. 5 out of 5 stars. I added the Motion Sensor with the hue app but disabled, switched it off there. Title 24 requires that either an occupancy or vacancy sensor is used to reduce energy usage in nonresidential buildings. Start your Philips Hue experience with the included White Ambiance A19 LED Smart Bulb and choose the perfect light setting for any mood or activity such as reading or relaxing, concentrating, or energizing Quickly dim or brighten up to 10 lights in your room for games, parties, and movies from the comfort of your couch or bed Can I use a Hue Dimmer or Tap switch to control my outdoor lights? This is somehow distracting/annoying. Connectivity: Wireless Type: Bulb. [Question] Hue Motion Sensor, green indicator LED. The Eve Motion is slightly more than the Hue Motion sensor. Dimming and brightening features at your fingertips Variable lumen output lets you adjust light's … The motion sensor still works when this is set, but the resources on the Hue bridge aren't updated, effectively disabling the sensor. THe LED Lights title are 24 compliant for luminare efficiency, lifespan, dark sky compliance, and light quality. En/disabling the sensor in the Hue app changes config.on. While calibrating the sensor, the Hue app sets config.usertest, which enables the LED indication and makes sure the sensor doesn't go to sleep. Perfect for your hallway, bathroom, basement or garage. By default, this indication is off. That is so 20th century. I tried to do something more usable not just turning off. The Hue app has been updated with a feature that shows the add hue switches under accessories, it then shows you how to add new switches that are part of the friends of Hue. Philips Hue Motion Sensor. I configured a new routine in the Eve App and everything seems to work when motion is detected. When paired to a HUE bridge, the LED on the sensor is configured to just blink in case of battery is low or empty (orange==low, red==almost empty, steady red==no connection to coordinator). Trigger the lights just by walking into the room. The wireless design of this Philips Hue motion sensor makes it simple to install. Hi there. Yes, you can set up a Hue Dimmer switch or Tap switch to control your outdoor Hue lights. Brand: Philips. And as always, thanks for all the great explanation. Create a new custom DTH from code or by integrating directly with the Github repo. Philips Hue Motion Sensor. The sensor switches config.usertest off automatically after two minutes. Color-programmable LED bulbs. Read review. Thanks @ebaauw Philips Hue Wireless Motion Sensor for Hue LED Light Bulb Lighting Wi-Fi ZigBee. Open your Smartthings app and search for a new device. To seal the deal is the price differential. I think the sensor LED blinks orange while pairing then green when paired. Watch. PHILIPS Hue Motion sensor for Hue LED Light Bulb Smart Accessory. You want to switch off your speaker automatically, but the lights manually? Any tip how to configure my scenario the best way? As mentioned, hue motion sensor is new to me. You are so right about the light in the bathroom. You signed in with another tab or window. I implemented this using Hue bridge rules, the motion sensor in the bathroom and and the motion sensor in the connecting room/hallway, in combination with a CLIPGenericStatus sensor that keeps the bathroom state. You will need a small pin or something similar. But when I leave the bathroom and then switch off the light. Philips Hue Motion Sensor. So I used the lux as a requirement when