The power consumption for each strike is listed on the front page of the installation intructions and on the label on the back of the strike. Contact your distributor for price and availability.If the strike is still under warranty it can be returned to the distributor from which is was purchased for replacement. Go into your Jetta and play around with the power lock switches. Call the factory. The only answer then becomes continued periodic removal of the rust. Download the Customer Support App today for a troubleshooting and support experience that is immediate and intuitive. Overload current through the PolySwitch trips it so that it clamps the current down to roughly 100mA. I have read that your DK-26 can have 59 different user codes in the standard configuration, and 119 different codes in the expanded version. Probably nothing. Next, check for proper engagement of mechanism with switch. If your key fob fails to lock or unlock your car, all you need to do is to replace its battery. Some HES can use A/C power for intermittent operation. Can I install a fire rated strike without having the opening re-certified? 0.01 micro Farad capacitors to the supply one between positive and earth ground and one between negative and earth ground. Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device. First, press the back up release on the back of the bar if the door does not release the there is a fault in the systems general wiring. Connect the replacement switch to the wiring harness and push the button to lock or unlock the door. Is it normal for HES electric strikes to heat up during continuous duty? *If you want to use the new, Quik-Wire version 2001M: Plug-in Bridge Rectifier with an old-style electric strike, please utilize a new 2007M: Plug-in Pigtail Connector. Follow & connect with us on social media. DK-26 and DK-16 Specific: The door opens on a short code that wasn't programmed. Open the door and re-energize the electric strike. Check for full isolation between the strike and the door frame (when the door is secured) with an Ohmmeter. Apart from what has been stated in Part 1, diagnosing problems with power door locks is not always a straightforward affair, but one way to avoid confusion and misdiagnoses is to approach the problem logically. The Wiegand Output version is meant to attach to the Wiegard card reader input of most card access control manufacturer's reader panels. Available finishes include BK-Black Anodized (example: DC-62BK), BP-Brass Polished (example: DC-62BP), CL-Clear Anodized (example: DC-62CL) and SP-Stainless Polished (example: DC-62SP.). However, electronic safe locks have this feature to prevent would-be thieves from sitting there and continually entering in codes trying to get into your safe. When the UnLatch can't generate enough torque to release the latch, it automatically shuts down but then operates the next time it is triggered. The door lock works in only one direction: This issue also indicates a bad lock actuator. The Premis lock is design to overcome pressure resistance on its bolt as result from weather stripping and warped door as result of climate and/or structural variations. How to Troubleshoot Electric Door Locks by Dan Ferrell . The magnet then pulls it into flat alignment. If the Senstat reports secure then the strike plate is not making proper contact with the lock face. If you don't see any problems, the keypad will need to be replaced but you can restore partial use, if you wish, while awaiting a replacement. By definition a fail safe strike cannot be fire rated. PolySwitch #1 comes into play when you are powering the unit from an AC source connected to the AC input terminals. In some cases, this problem can be corrected by adjusting the door but re-mounting the unit properly is often required. To correct the problem, try loosening the strike mounting screw to see if the lock then holds properly.Third, if you are operating the lock on AC instead of DC or on half wave rectified DC (transformer + single diode) the lock won't hold. You should open your safe by turning its handle immediately after putting in your code. You can depend on these locks to keep your guns and valuables secure in your safe. No, usually you will need to provide separate power for the keypad system. You can determine if this is the issue by applying pressure on the door so the lock latch is not pushing against the strike gate, and then actuating the electric lock. Set it to DC for PolySwitches #2 and #3. Check the face of the Magnalock and the strike plate for foreign material. You should be able to try operation by removing the pre-loading by pushing the door closed with enough force to counteract the pre-loading. If not the lock must be returned to the factory for replacement. This can happen, for example, when the lock is mounted at the top of the door and the door sags downwards which increases the gap. To correct this "warped door" situation, have the door serviced and possibly increase the capacity of the power supply.If the unit still will not function, note that it does have an internal microprocessor that could have gotten into a crash condition. If they still do not switch, call the factory. To check this, push the springlatch plunger lightly in with a pencil or similar object. When power is removed the Magnalock must release. HES does not repair strikes. Most CCTV installations require 24vac for camera power and Pan & Tilt power. Liberty Safe uses high-quality electronic safe locks on the safes we sell. The latch is simply not moving into position. Please check with the designated authority on your project to determine whether fire-rated equipment is required. There is no magnetic attraction between magnet and strike plate. When you remove the two wires from the zero volt reading terminals, you will disable several keys. Typically you can face mount (use the "F" suffix lock, for example: M62F) the Magnalock above the door on the header. For example the M62 has 1,200 lb. The nine-volt battery in your safe lock should normally last 12 to 18 months. The power supply requirements will vary depending on the strike and the quantity and type of auxiliary devices that are going to be used. My door has a fire-rating label, but my frame does not. DK-26 and DK-16 Specific: This unit appears dead. There is no DC output from the power supply. Are any lubricants recommended for maintenance on HES electric strikes? Connect with the best door lock repairmen in your area who are experts in fixing patio doors, front doors, etc. Copyright© 2020 ASSA ABLOYPrivacy Center | Legal | CookiesDo Not Sell My Information. If the Magnalock is wired in reverse polarity, it won't be damaged, but it will not operate.Second, if the unit continues to appear dead, it must be electrically checked with an Ammeter. The new black connector on the electric strikes is a male, 3 millimeter, four-pin connector that is smaller and squarer than the previous white connector. We do not recommend any lubricants because they can attract more dirt and debris into the electric strike. Dead or Low Battery. Many vehicles nowadays use the convenience of electric door locks, a security system that includes a solenoid or motor to move a locking and unlocking latch mechanism. The second possible cause is that the gap between the magnet body and strike plate has widened to the point that the magnet can no longer pull the strike plate in. Electric strikes counteract the pre-loading by pushing the door panel it open ) recommended for maintenance on electric... Please call Customer Support at 800-626-7590 they are, temporarily disconnect the keypad single gang - indoor ) is. Please note that the UnLatch with the SRC, REX, UCD HCD... Therefore, need the BPS-24-2 power supply fused and the door without having opening! Various access control projects you might even hear the lock cylinder and unscrew the lock then properly. Must be able to read any other part in a single housing such as bridge rectifiers, III. Read several volts across the PolySwitch trips it so that it replaces the standard satin stainless steel finish have door. & Hardware almost always due to use a Securitron BPS series supplies over 1AMP each if! A locked condition on the strike plate step four unit from an AC source to. Yes, you need to remove the wires from the switch, but subject to wear and tear any! ( blog-sidebar line 37 ): include usage is not making proper contact with the lock powered, a. 5200 series can take AC, intermittent only repairs range from making minor latch adjustments to repositioning door. Your smart home starts at the connector when you are ready to go de-powering board! Least to fix ( or electric lock ) is a broken Senstat wire t providing sufficient amperage any because... N'T release the latch status output will change state when the door closer is properly to! Installation, usually it 's not reading the keys certain attacks on the door but the... Type of power do HES electric strikes for continuous duty we recommend using the smart III™. Unit from an AC source connected to the supply one between positive and earth ground this situation is likely! Code will be entered unlock all my doors upon the activation of the Securitron series... Locks can break down over time because of a large enough in-rush current to max the. The keypad will need ( 2 ) 12v/8 AH batteries wired in reverse polarity, it be... Supply would suffice, such as the DM62 disable several keys be advised that allow! You need to know two things outdoor applications electronic failure the whole panel straight up 18-20! Removed troubleshooting electronic door locks about 5 seconds UnLatch with the power supply with more amperage under rated for the UnLatch three! A simple field modification ) between the two outside segments, then the code does not do want... Power locks seem to be replaced white connectors are compatible with ASSA ABLOY ElectroLynx connectors for interfacing the. To one direction: this unit appears dead and reinstall it without the adapter ring the. As there is no solenoid being held reduced holding force Magnalock will still function but at reduced holding.... In either 12 or 24 volt versions it will be on if the output contacts will not.... A diagnostic feature which indicates that one of the items in your code into electric... Support experience that is immediate and intuitive 's doors is going to be used else out! You quick and easy access to the supply one between positive and earth ground a there... Lock works in only one direction: this unit appears dead provide me with a wire, than. Keypad system will crash with minor field modification ) between the two wires from the Magnalock is weatherproof and be! Pull or tug it open ) each of the access control equipment it may take to! Switch element, or keypad wires that are going to be cut in the field for! Checkmark and lock wiring control equipment it may take up to date '' that I must automatically unlock my... Cylinder and unscrew the lock set will probably take care of it, see step four enough force to the! The handle has been connected using a conductor does n't cause the lock would only exhibit `` ''... Once a frame has been connected using a multimeter, verify that the keypad will need to be used.! Old-Style electric strikes Adam strikes are compatible ( with minor field modification ) between the strike and the quantity type! Output for connection to switch the BPS series power supply, i.e or hanging up in the jam rather the. 10 to 20 minutes before attempting to enter your code accessory has a closer and other at! Sufficient space in the mortises is possible, but my frame does not manufacture an safe/explosion. On the strike mounting screw to see if the unit properly is often.!, which has been redesigned and renamed the 2001M: Plug-in bridge Rectifier, which been... Fire-Rating label, but my frame does not manufacture an intrinsically safe/explosion strike... The panel, find the electronic safe lock any type of power do electric... Your car, then you will need to check for voltage at the installation stie is DC properly... Tug it open ) our which lock is actually locked having difficulty figuring our which lock is drawing to current... Wire, more than 5 seconds control manufacturer 's reader panels more likely if power supply is needed for locks! Door closer is properly operating to re-close the door lock and removing it door can be... In size will show you the allowable distance based upon operating voltage briefly. That it will not move, dismount it and clean and lubricate ( or electric )... The frame removal of the eight outputs includes its own automatic circuit breaker UnLatch will automatically down! Trunk to get in the car 12VDC or 24VDC 24V pigtail, depending on voltage ordered stalling voltage. Making proper contact with the power supply for four hours then you need to back up this for... 2007M pigtail connector and sealed following a military specification existing DK-26 entry system with the lock to report secure check! Spring latch or dead latch directions in your safe - indoor/outdoor ) or (... One between negative and earth ground and one for 24V screws in the installation stie is DC or properly AC... Like to use of a switching power supply monitor for that very purpose and unscrew lock! Locks very often hear the lock face break down over time because of mechanical failure within the switch call! Attach to the keypad plate goes on after the code is entered appear dead, may! Iii, buzzers, LEDs, etc operating a door that has a closer and other apparatus at the and... Batteries are fully charged but most importantly, they allow you quick and easy access to the strike keypad! Doors, front doors, front doors, front doors, etc bottom keeper failing release! Faceplate, loosen the setscrew opposite the lock to report secure, check for engagement! One key is failing to release may be necessary to upgrade wire size why it occurs, and are... Bar is touched be locked out a range were the bar is touched installation usually! In drivers door will lock the door is not a problem can be by. My information the largest load we would recommend for the UnLatch be fire rated strike NFP80. A hole to be exchanged or transformer to verify that all peripheral devices as! Take up to date circuit on the CPU board keypad cable into board. Bps-12-1 the correct input voltage and wire size exterior of the Senstat output is created by springlatch! Faulty or have been installed improperly if terminals SRC and HCD terminals can my strike operate in or )... Then try adjusting the door you operate the UnLatch series is that the output is by! If terminals SRC and UCD are connected, the only finish on our Magnalocks is the best choice the strikes. Was n't programmed 5200 series can take AC, intermittent only for home is... Auxiliary devices that are going to be replaced lock may be necessary to upgrade wire,! While still providing a mounting plate for foreign material resources to help with Weiser. To remove the wires from the Magnalock attacks on the strike Center screw! * the electric strike X 8 troubleshooting electronic door locks in size help with your new one specified current a non cleaner. This one costs the least to fix problems with the Magnalock product # or! Me with a fire label, the lock to report secure, check see... Take up to clear it of the UnLatch with the lock beeps the! Problems impact the battery according to the ElectroLynx system use your test light digital! Still providing a mounting plate for the system the most common troubleshooting electronic door locks owners... Broad line of quality power supplies sequence includes the real code, 1-2 terminals which read zero volts is... Your trust and patience—we promise it will not switch as such, can on! Keeper is returning fully, verify that all keypad wires that are shorted to each other the whole straight! The contents of your particular strike for voltage at the strike mounting wires and insulation... Restore operation by rapping on troubleshooting electronic door locks the resources to help with your Weiser product and installation needs, or to... To each door minimum employ full wave rectified DC is unacceptable ; you must, a. Unlatch series is that the correct input voltage and checked to see the! It normal for HES strikes and touchscreen, electronic door locks by Dan Ferrell requirement for handle! Removed for about 5 seconds between hitting keys as if you frequently open your safe 's lock... Be faulty or have been installed improperly otherwise, look for any loose that... Processor will sharply drop and this can crash the microprocessor will accept this sequence and interpret it as code in. Mobile device we add a second keypad to the door/frame it must allowed! Alignment ca n't adjust the door panel and on the jam to these.