Easy Tailor App (ETA) is a Tailoring App developed by the Raizzon Infotech LLP. View Profile, "The Sunrise Tailoring Software is easy to use and learn." Moreover, Virtual fitting App shirts are fully customizable where customers are able to select the fabric used, pattern, collar, length and button placement. Get the necessary training. MTailor is mending to creates a custom men’s shirt. Pay monthly at USD $35.99/month post trial. View Profile, Software is an integrated accounting, tailoring job management and inventory management software solution. View Profile. We have developed this software for catering the needs of ladies and gents tailoring shops. Globally monitor your business from any device.Connect with your clients via SMS and Emails.Keep your clients mobile with you. The portal also offers quick tips for taking measurements. Tailoring app developed by Easy Tailor App AKA ETA © 2017 | All rights reserved. If you have any questions or queries or would like to know more, contact us. The 4 Necessary Elements of Your Business' Online Face. ETA sends 3 reminder emails with respect to each task, this automation makes sure that your sales team or any other user don't miss out on client deliveries or trials or purchase order delays or supplier payments. Some people are passionate about wearing designable clothes and thus, like to create designs for their own apparel as per their choice. They wanted to replicate this model in the custom-made clothing industry. When it comes to wearing clothes, who doesn’t like a personalized touch to it? Easy Tailor App (ETA) is a Tailoring App developed by the Raizzon Infotech LLP. Level of digital media understanding for tailors was kept in mind while buildings this application. To find out more about cookies on this website, see our privacy policy. In fact, the best tailoring software integrates high-end applications like virtual and augmented reality for 3D showcase apparel design. - FUZAIL ANSARI, GB LABS Luca is state of the art software for tailoring shops. That’s why having software for tailoring business with the multilingual feature can have a huge impact on your apparel business. View Profile, Creating a milestone in Tailoring Industry, Shri-Stitch (Tailoring Software) was designed for tailoring shops owners that need to efficiently manage their clients and job orders. We have devoted considerable resources researching the tailoring business and have applied this research in the development of our unique software package. THE WORLD’S SMARTEST 3D FASHION DESIGN SOFTWARE Tailornova is a patent-pending online fashion design software that helps you create unlimited designs easier and faster than ever. The possibilities are endless with ETA; keep your business boosted. Offers Custom Apparel for Gifting Solution, Just one step away from selecting the right software. View Profile, The boutique software solution is useful in maintaining all of your operations of single or multi stores for fashion designer, boutique and bulk dressmakers and many more. Designing a product can be a tricky business. The software should be able to run on any platform smoothly. View Profile, "It is very good softwear for use." Earlier, people used to buy branded apparel though it is an expensive one. Our online logo creator helps small business owners, freelancers, start-ups, and entrepreneurs make a logo design that’s both high quality and professional Overview: Stash Star Fabric app from Stash Star LLC is a fabric organization … Enhances Customers’ Shopping Experience, 5. If you want to grab customers’ attention, you need to offer something unique to every individual. Generic apps can never account for all the strategical security of a custom-made software but then again, if your business process does not handle anything too radical, chances are that great generic app would help you hit the nail on the head. GB LABS Luca makes your work super easy and empowers you to control business with ease. TallyPrime is affordable and is one of the most popular business management software, used by nearly 20 lakh businesses worldwide. Multi-branch business management, sales management, corporate invoicing, production management, customer portal for your clients; features are endless and we keep on adding something new every now and then. TailoreMade provides a centralised platform through its app on Android and iOS, that allows consumers to receive any kind of tailoring service, from small alterations to designer clothing with just a few clicks. It’s essential that the tailoring software you choose should be able to easily installed without much hassle. You have multi-branch presence across country or city or if you are a single shop owner, ETA is scalable for all kinds of business setup. Plus, no one size fits all when it comes to clothing. Suppose you have the plan to offer the online tailoring service. View Profile, eXPrience 5 is the perfect software to ease garment manufacturing process for companies. Using this quantitative tool, you can address almost all the problems and needs of a tailoring business. The tailoring business can be started with a minimum investment, either from home or by setting up the particular shop, where the clothing products are used to measured and design based on an individual choice; hence it is also called custom-made tailoring. Just get up and go with the device of your choice; desktop, mobile, or tablet. Online custom clothing platforms like Indochino, Black Lapel, Modern Tailor, etc. Since this technology is quite new, you can jump on the opportunity to enable your customer to wear personalized clothes. GB LABS Luca is easy to learn and quick to use the tool, which is essential as your measuring tape and scissor. View Profile, "Great Software for Custom Tailoring" This Online Tailoring Software offers an easy-to-use tool to design and customize your customers’ outfits. It also allows them to easily allot work to different tailors, process orders on time, and take care of timely delivery. Create invoices and note down measurements in just a few touches, the same can be used without any configuration for your tablets. All the business operation can be analyzed and evaluated by Management software, enabling you to focus on business expansion. If you are looking for a perfect software for managing your clothing alterations & tailoring business, look no further! - Anubhav Walde, Textronics presents Design 3Di; a versatile 3D texture mapping software that will translate your product's fit, style, texture, etc. They don’t need a tailoring shop. Smart Tailor is a user-friendly software designed for garment manufacturers and those in the tailoring business. Once they have decided on a design, let them have a 360-degree view of whatever they have created using the design tool on your system. Online Custom Tailoring Business Plan Ppt • Population Concentration • Many schools and universities 3 Tailoring business can be categorized into two different segments – Sewing and Alternating Business – This is the most basic form of tailoring business one can have. But when your tailoring business is online, you can reach the global audience and make more sales. As a clothing or tailoring business owner, it’s your responsibility to come up with unique ideas to satisfy your customers. - Jimit Thakkar Thakkar, Havi Propel Custom Tailoring Software is a customization tool that can transform any tailoring business into a virtual bespoke design studio. Apart from helping them to create and develop a custom range of clothes, it also keeps the database of their clients and orders, measurement details, fabric style, and more. Choose the one that meets your business requirements and delivers the needs of all your customers. here is the infographic which gives you more ideas on Customer Tailoring. Some of the benefits of integrating tailoring software into your clothing business include: One of the core benefits of using tailoring software is that it makes the entire process of handling tailoring business easy. This Virtual Clothes Fitting App captures a user’s measure… One of the important features that tailoring software should include. To help you with that, we have compiled some of the steps you need to follow to start a thriving, successful tailoring shop business. View Profile, "Learned many things form this software. " We have developed this software for catering the needs of ladies and gents tailoring shops. The main reason why people still prefer to visit physical stores is that many prefer to try on clothes before they buy them. Besides, it should seamlessly integrate with the websites you have or any other platform you use. By Rinkesh Anandani | Last Updated: January 10, 2021, You can sign in using any of your social media accounts from below, 3. That’s why every tailor or manufacturer is looking to implement tailoring software for a tailoring shop. We have devoted considerable resources researching the tailoring business and have applied this research in the development of our unique software package. Talking about the app it takes a scan of your body using your phone’s camera. The apparel market is filled with the readymade garments. In addition, the users can also enter their measurements and get their clothes customized just at their fingertips. One of the most common features of a tailoring software is that it is quite easy-to-use. Pay annually at USD $29.99/month post trial. TailoreMade was largely inspired by the success of Uber (cab aggregator) who has transformed the cab industry and helped drivers get a new source of income. Using the tailoring software, you can easily provide the design work. It is significantly important to have a wide customer reach. While buying, checkout is the main aspect of any online purchase process. Delay in delivery of orders will only lead to unhappy customers. That’s why it’s essential that any tailoring software should be able to seamlessly integrate with various payments gateway or the one linked with your website. The WorkSpace™ catalogue offers a wide range of ready made business software apps that are robust and in use by organisations around the world. Create templates with your unique styling options, measurement fields & upload styling image samples to be presented to the client during sales. View Profile, Geelus is a complete POS and management suite for Clothing Alterations & Tailoring businesses. Reach Global Audience through online presence. Customers don’t like to deal with complicated websites or eStore. View Profile, Maintain all your tailor shop activities with just one WebApp- Fashion Dot's Management software. Tailoring & Fabrics Management System Our tailoring and fabrics software is ideal for fashion designers and tailors to help them keep the database of their clients and their orders, payments, measurement styles and everything in one single place to enhance work efficiency. The system should be easy to use for customers as well as site administrators to manage. They are always on a hunt for something different. Ultimately helps you scale & expand faster than ever before. Talk to one of our experts and personalized recommendations, we guide you to your top software options. By Zeeshsoft Tailor software is an application to manage tailoring shops. The best part is that it claims that these shirts are 20% more accurate than an actual tailor’s fitting. The online tailoring software can help business to serve the needs of each individual and nowadays, many online stores are integrating technology to their website to offer customization facility. Plus, it will also minimize the cost of developing designer apparel. You also get an option to transfer and monitor work-orders between branches, one click dispatch of ready garments to respective locations/one location. address this primitive concern in a very efficient manner. The software allows the customer to choose their desired pattern or get a customized pattern done. There is no need for any specific hardware or software, or infrastructure, as ETA runs on the cloud. Download the MTailor app and get measured. Furthermore, the software should be interactive for the customers to enjoy while using it. View Profile, "Excellent Tailoring Management Software" Best cloud-based tailoring software which helps you optimize order management, improve on-time deliveries, boost employee morale, improve customer experience. That’s why it is crucial to select software that is upgraded with the latest technology. Our support is on hand, tailored to you. While planning to integrate your system with tailoring software, make sure that you only opt for features that you can deliver. There is no doubt that product customization makes it easy to attract more customers and leave them satisfied. For new orders, you can simply view and modify the stored details, designs, fitting required. Among other things, the software keeps records of all sewing tasks in a Tailoring shop. Built exclusively for Dry Cleaning, Clothing Alterations, Tailoring and Sewing, Garment Printing and Embroidery industries Affiliate tracking system; allowing to work as an agent for another dry cleaning or alterations business It manages the customers, booking, workers wages, and suppliers and gives instant status report of jobs in processing. There are different types of tools like tailoring software for cutting, tailoring software for designing, etc. View Profile, Textonics presents comprehensive solutions for integrating your designing front end (CAD) and the production backend. Your business’s location can make the difference between success and failure, so you better make a good decision in that regard. We have developed this software for catering the needs of ladies and gents tailoring shops. If you are able to offer custom apparel, it can be a great opportunity for your business. Our tailors take pride in every step of the craft, cutting, sewing and stitching made-to-measure shirts with the utmost precision and care. Considering the changing marketing trends, it is a perfect time to incorporate tailoring solution software to provide excellent service to your customers. If you are in a suit business or selling tailored suits online, then suit design tool is a perfect business solution for you. - Samiksha Ratnaparkhi, TallyPrime is India’s leading business management software for GST, accounting, inventory, banking, and payroll. View Profile, RIC Custom Tailoring Software is a customization tool that can transform any tailoring business into a virtual bespoke design studio. View Profile, Starting Price: $208.32 1 License 5 Years, Design Manual is out of market trend reason being that it can’t be updated with the latest patterns and wear and tear of the booklet. Its somewhat difficult to put into work but after proper research, you can start this business. Feel as good as you look knowing that your garment is made with sustainability in mind by … Tailor Brands is a free logo maker. SaaS is simple, familiar, and collaborative. Offering a customization service is crucial as it helps develop goodwill amongst your customers. As the apparel industry is growing, implementing tailoring software is a real chance to transform your way of doing business. View Profile, "Cant work without this one" View Profile, "Best software for my shop" This is a newer one for me, but I’ve found it a pretty neat tool, especially in conjuction with a … Recently we revamped our product to TailorPad whichever is a full stack linux based system which is all the extra fast and protected than our previous product. It will act as a marketing point for you and take your tailoring business to a new height in the eCommerce platform.

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