Get Together BASE

In November 2022, we got together in a spectacular location to work on our business strategy and learn new ways to deliver the best results and to drive growth for the entire team.

  • We had a fully five-day teamwork experience.
  • A winning strategy for 2023
  • and lots of learning!

Part of the work agenda was focused on digging deep into the values and behaviors that define our culture as a platform.

“Freedom is maximum responsibility” is one of the key behaviors of our ethos; we are available to work productively and also have fun and enjoyment…and that’s what we did in Buenos Aires!

In addition to working, we enjoyed this incredible city!!!

We had a private city tour to visit the most emblematic places, tasted delicious food and even had the opportunity to enjoy a tango show!

On top of it all, we said goodbye to Buenos Aires with an after office where we invited some of our suppliers and Certified Partners based in Argentina.

The best part? Getting together and 100% ready to deliver superior experiences to our clients. #vamos 

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